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User Agreement

Before you use the Coinlook Big Data Analysis platform operated(hereinafter referred to as "this platform", including domain name Coinlook.com,Coinlook App,Coinlook Public No, Coinlook minor procedure, etc) by coinlook.com (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "We"), please read the following agreement carefully, Agreement on the “Services of the Coinlook” (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"). Use the rights and obligations agreement made by Coinlook. If you have any questions about the contents of this agreement, please consult your company's customer service promptly.When you tick the page's single-select box, click the Confirm or Consent button, agree to this Agreement, or after we update this Agreement (we will prompt you in time for updates), click the Confirm or Consent button and continue to use the products and/or services provided by Coinlook, which means that you have fully read, understood and accepted and accepted this Agreement.

We may update the contents of this Agreement from time to time depending on the situation, but we will inform you by means of Coinlook announcement, private letter notice or bullet-window update reminder. This Agreement will replace Coinlook's prior service agreement if you have any questions regarding the amended agreement.If you do not agree with this Agreement and/or the Company's amendments or changes to it, please immediately stop using all the services and/or products provided by the coinage and if you click "agree" or "confirm" and continue to use it, you will be deemed to accept the change of this Agreement and agree to follow the new service agreement later when using all the services and/or products provided by Coinlook.

The "Users" in this Agreement include both registered and unregistered users.Any user who is not registered with the Coinlook account, who automatically becomes a "non-registered user" of Coinlook when using the products and/or services provided by Coinlook, shall comply with all other terms except as required by the User Registration of this Agreement.

Coinlook provides you with professional Cryptocurrency market information, trend analysis, industry information, and digital currency personal home page, asset bookkeeping, information dissemination, community exchange, etc.In the spirit of artisans, we handle vast amounts of data in multi-dimensional, multi-layered ways through big data technology, and share the most valuable content.To users. The company adjusts Coinlook's products and/or services from time to time to provide you with a better experience.

All content on this website can be used in a number of languages, such as user convenience, conflict or omission, whichever is English.

1.Rules of Use

1-1)You can use Coinlook's products and/or services without a user account.But some Coinlook product and/or service functions require you to register your Coinlook account.If you want to use more features provided by Coinlook, you must register the corresponding account with the registration pagerelevant personal information.You may terminate your account at any time as described in Coinlook, and we will retain or terminate your account in accordance with this Agreement.

1-2) If you need to use the Coinlook Open Platform to publish information services, you need to submit an authentication application to us in addition to the Coinlook account. After we have approved your application, you can use your own Coinlook account to use Coinlook.information.

1-3) You fully understand and agree that in order to better facilitate information sharing and promotion, you authorize Coinlook and its associated company products and services to use any public information you have posted on the Coinlook Open Platform, and to license the aforementioned content to third party for promotional purposes.Coinlook and its affiliates do not change your ownership and intellectual property rights of the foregoing, nor does it affect your legal rights to the foregoing.

1-4) You fully understand and agree that Coinlook only provides you with a platform for big data analysis of digital currency quotations. All contents are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice or other practical operational advice. You should judge the contents of Coinlook by yourself and be responsible for the consequences of this operation.

1-5) You are fully aware that Coinlook's products and/or services, like most Internet services, are affected by differences in factors including but not limited to user reasons, quality of network services, social environment, etc. and may be disturbed by various security issues such as the use of user information by others, causing real-life harassment; user downloads.Other software installed or accessed sites contain viruses such as Trojan horses that threaten the security of users' computer information and data, and then affect the normal use of Coinlook products and/or services, etc.You should enhance your awareness of information security and user data protection. You should pay attention to enhancing password protection to avoid loss and harassment.

1-6) You fully understand and agree that we reserve the right to change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke all or part of the service provided to Coinlook at any time without notice due to the need for business development.After we update the relevant provisions of this Agreement,Users can re-download the installation of Coinlook or check the latest version of Coinlook Service Agreement at the Coinlook official website.After we update this Agreement, if the user does not accept the modified terms, please stop using the products and/or services provided by Coinlook immediately.

1-7) Advertisements may be included in the products and/or services provided by Coinlook, and you agree to show Coinlook and third-party suppliers, partner-provided advertising during use.

1-8) We may, in accordance with its reasonable judgment, take appropriate legal action against any person who contravenes the relevant laws and regulations or this Agreement, infringe, obstruct, threaten any person's rights or security, or impersonate any other person's acts, and we shall have the right to stop transmission according to law, publish any of the aforesaid contents, and to take appropriate legal action against any person who contravenes this clause, including, in accordance with his own judgment.However, it is not limited to removing illegal, infringing and improper contents from products and/or services provided by Coinlook, terminating the user status of the violator, preventing it from using Coinlook to provide all or part of the product and/or service, and keeping the relevant information in accordance with the law and reporting to the relevant departments.If we have been confirmed by the judicial authorities that we have made these judgments wrong, we shall be held responsible under the relevant laws of our country.

1-9) We reserve the right to replace, modify, and upgrade Coinlook at any time and the right to charge for replacement, modification, or upgrade. Users can choose to update or refuse to update the new version at any time.However, after the release of the new edition of Coinlook, we do not guarantee the old version of Coinlook.Continue to be available. We reserve the risk of unilaterally changing or limiting some of Coinlook's functional effects due to business development needs.

1-10) Companies and/or partner units will provide users with a variety of Internet and mobile value-added services related to Coinlook, including free and fee-charging value-added services, based on market and technology developments.The Company and/or its partners reserve the right to charge fees for the relevant value-added services and to change the standards and methods of charges, such as the relevant uniforms.Company and/or partner units will be notified in due form that they may choose to accept or reject the service and that they will pay the fee in accordance with the company's and/or partner's fees when using the service. Otherwise, the company has the right not to provide the service to the user.

1-11) User rights and obligations:
1-11-1) The ownership of the Coinlook account shall be vested in the company and the user shall obtain the right to use the Coinlook account after the application for registration. The right to use the Coinlook account shall only belong to the original registrant who shall not grant, lend, lease, assign or sell.The Company has the right to recall Bixiao users as a result of the relevant provisions of this Agreement.BAO account number.
1-11-2) The user shall bear full responsibility for the authenticity, legality and validity of the information registered on Coinlook.At the same time, users must not impersonate others or disseminate any information in the name of others; nor may malicious use of registered accounts cause other users to misidentify them; otherwise, the company has the right to immediately stop providing services and recover Bixiao.BAO account number and you are solely responsible for all the legal liabilities arising therefrom.
1-11-3) The user shall be solely responsible for the authenticity, legality, non-harmfulness and validity of the information transmitted and disseminated on Coinlook, and any legal responsibility related to the information transmitted or published by the user shall be borne by the user at his own discretion and not be associated with the company.
1-11-4) The user has the right to change and delete personal data, registration information, transmission and dissemination of information on Coinlook. However, note that while deleting the content, the user will also delete any text and pictures you have stored in the system. The user will be exposed to the risk.
1-11-5) To protect user account information security: It is the responsibility of the user to keep the registered account information, account password, and any activity that takes place including network transactions under this account; the user is liable for the registration account and the conduct of the password; and in the event of a non-authorized account or password login or any breach of the service clause.Users are required to notify the company immediately of any loss due to the use of their own account and password by other users of the company or Coinlook; in any case, users are not allowed to log in with any other account other than their own, otherwise the company has the right to freeze and review such accounts.
1-11-6) The user shall comply with the terms of this Agreement and use correctly and appropriately the products and/or services provided by Coinlook, and the company shall have the right to provide Coinlook products and/or services to the default user account in accordance with the agreement termination.At the same time, the company will retain it at all times.Coinlook account, user name rights.
1-11-7) If you do not log in to the account after a user has registered Coinlook account (more than 3 months from the date of registration), the company reserves the right to notify you to recall the account and clear your relevant registration information so as not to cause waste of resources and hence the problem is left to the user himself.
1-11-8) Users shall not make, upload, copy, transfer, and publish the following using the products and/or services provided by Coinlook or Coinlook:
a) against the basic principles set forth in the Constitution;
b) jeopardizing national security, disclosing state secrets, overturning state power and undermining national unity;
c) prejudice to the honor and interests of the state;
d) incite national hatred, discrimination and undermine national unity;
e) those who undermine the state's religious policy and propagate cults and feudal superstitions;
f) To spread rumors, disturb social order and undermine social stability;
g) To disseminate obscene, erotic, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abet crime;
h) insulting or defaming others or infringing on the lawful rights and interests of others;
i) Information containing other content prohibited by law and administrative regulations.
j) The Coinlook related service rules prohibit the production, upload, copy, transfer, and release of content.
1-11-9) Before using the products and/or services provided by Coinlook, the user agrees that there will be no such action, otherwise the user will be fully responsible for any damages caused by the violation of the above restrictions:
a) any illegal activities using products and/or services provided by Coinlook;
b) Try accessing any part of the service or any Coinlook server network using unauthorized means;
c) infringing on the rights of any individual or entity, including but not limited to its intellectual property, privacy, image or contractual rights;
d) Interference or damage to any part of the service, including but not limited to the use of viruses, zombie programs, Trojan horses, harmful codes, DDOS attacks, denial-of-service attacks, data packets or IP spoofing, routing or email address information or similar methods or techniques;
e) use scripts, robots, reptiles or other automated mechanisms to collect information or otherwise interact with services without the company's explicit written permission;
f) Any content that can be used for the purpose of selling Coinlook to others for profit without the written permission of the company, including not limited to any portion of the products and/or services provided by Coinlook in any form.or content.
1-11-10) Once you violate this Agreement or Coinlook related service rules, we have the right to cancel your account and delete all information you have posted on Coinlook.
1-11-11) After we cancel your account, we will not exclude the fact that we will retain the information you have posted on Coinlook.If you need to delete the information posted on Coinlook, you can contact us at any time through the contact in this Agreement, "7", for processing.

2. Disclaimer

2-1) User breach of this Agreement or Coinlook related service rules, any claim, claim or loss, including reasonable attorney fees, the user agrees to indemnify the company and the partner company, the associated company, and to protect it from damages.

2-2) The company and its partners shall not be held responsible for all losses suffered by third parties such as telecommunication line failures, technical problems, networks, computer failures, system instability and other force majeure causes.

2-3) The company and the cooperative units promise to cooperate with the relevant units in the first time for timely repair due to the normal operation of the service due to an event of force majeure such as technical failure. However, the company and the cooperative units shall not be held responsible for all losses incurred by the user.

2-4) Users need to understand that using Coinlook's products and/or services may be affected by instability in various sectors due to the involvement of Internet services.Hence, Coinlook provides products and/or services due to Force Majeure, computer virus or hacking, system instability, user-friendly, and other factors.Risk of service interruption or failure to meet user requirements due to location, user shutdown, and any other technology, network connectivity, communication line reasons, etc.Users are required to take the above risks and the company is not guaranteed.The company is not held responsible for the fact that the user is unable to send and receive reading information or receive the wrong message.

2-5) Users need to understand that there is a risk of anonymous or impersonal information including threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content or behavior from any other person, or infringement of other person's rights (including intellectual property) in the use of products and/or services provided by Coinlook. Users are exposed to the above risks.and the Partner shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages whatsoever arising out of any product or service provided by Coinlook, whether explicitly or implied, including all implied warranties and conditions relating to the authenticity, appropriateness, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership and non-infringement of the information.

2-6) Users need to understand that the company strives for accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the products and/or services provided by Coinlook, but does not guarantee their accuracy, completeness and timeliness.Losses, including but not limited to, any use of Coinlook's products and/or services content directly or indirectlyThe Company shall not be held liable for any loss due to inaccurate and incomplete contents of the Products and/or Services.Nor does the company guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the external links set.The company has no legal responsibility for obtaining other content from Coinlook through links to other websites.

2-7) In any case, the company shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, accidental, special or penal damages, including loss of profits due to users' use of products and/or services provided by Coinlook (even if the company has been informed of the possibility of such losses).All the responsibilities of the company to you.Responsibility, for whatever reason or manner of conduct, will be held within the limits prescribed by law.

2-8) The Company shall not be held liable for any of the following related matters:

a) The Company shall provide your personal letter in accordance with the law or the requirements of the relevant government.interest rate;
b) As you inform others of your user password or share a registered account with others,any leakage of personal information or other personal information not attributable to the companyleakage of information;
c) Any third party under the Coinlook Service Agreement and the CompanyThe circumstances set out in the statement use your personal information, resulting in a dispute;
d) Any attack by hackers, computer viruses, or government control;temporary closure of the website;
e) any consequence arising from force majeure;
f) The Company is listed in the Coinlook Service Agreement and the Company's Statement.use or exemption.

2-9) Users should understand that Coinlook provides products and/or services.third party suppliers and partner advertising, the company will do its best to make reasonable efforts.Audits the advertiser and content of the advertisement, but the company cannot assure you of the authenticity, legitimacy and full compliance with your expectations of the ultimate service or product you receive or experience through the advertisement.to guarantee and guarantee.

2-10) The company may need to use it because of its development strategy adjustmentsCoinlook products or services are adjusted (including but not limited to changes,Stop, restrict, terminate or revoke your interest in Coinlook), we will notify you in advance if the adjustment may affect your interest, but we cannot guarantee that the adjustment will be minimal.It will not affect your interests in any way.

2-11) The products and/or services provided by Coinlook may be provided by the Department of Health.provided by or in conjunction with third party partners, the Company is unable to provide the product and/oror the completeness, authenticity and full compliance with your expectations of the service (particularly the part provided independently by the third party); if you use the products and/or services provided through CoinlookThird-party products or services (especially those purchased by third-party products and/or services) Please be sure to read the product and/or service specifications and policies of third-party service providers carefully.make a rational judgment of one's own accord.

2-12) For information posted by users on Coinlook, weA preliminary examination of the content of the information will be carried out before it is released.However, we cannot guarantee that there is no infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of a third person due to the fact that users publish more information. In addition, we will publish information to non-individual users.Post-inspection mechanisms are adopted.Therefore, if you find information posted by users on Coinlook infringing or breaking the law, please pass it immediately.The contacts in this Agreement, "7", contact us for processing, but we do not publish to usersAny consequence and liability arising from the informationThe user is responsible for all consequences and liabilities.

2-13) The right owner thinks the information provided by Coinlook is emptyThe work involved in storing, searching, or linking the contents of a service has been infringed.If its right to disseminate information or is deleted or altered in its right to manage electronic information, it may submit a written notice to Coinlook in accordance with the law.Authenticity of the rightful person to the noticebe responsible for and assume all legal responsibilities arising from the inaccuracy of the notification.

3. Privacy Policy

Please consult our Coinlook Privacy Policy,ABO Privacy Policy as an Inalienable and Inalienable part of this Agreement.

4. Intellectual Property Protection

4-1) Intellectual Property Statement
a) Coinlook was developed by the company.Coinlook's intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and all other intellectual property rights in Coinlook.All information related to the software, including but not limited to: text representation and its combination, icons, drawings, diagrams, colors, interface design, layout framework, relevant data, printed materials, or electricity"Subject to the Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Anti-unfair Competition Law and corresponding international treaties and other intellectual property laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China,"Protection, in addition to software or technology authorized by third parties, the company has the above intellectual property rights.
b) You are not allowed to make Coinlook products without written permission from the companyor the relevant intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trademarks, softwares,"patent) to reproduce, alter, modify, or otherwise create derivative works for any commercial purpose; you may use B reasonably for non-commercial purposes without prejudice to the company's reputation"The trademark of ixiaobao; any Coinlook product and/or service provided to you on the premise that the company is free or charged does not represent the company's intention to make the BiaBao brand.Xiaobao products and/or services have the intellectual property rights granted or transferred to you for use, company and/or related purposes.Unless you have another definite written agreement.

4-2) Authorization Scope a) Users can install it on a single terminal device for non-commercial purposes.Use, display, and run Coinlook.Users are not allowed to settle for commercial purposes.Loading, using, and running Coinlook, do not release data into any computer terminal memory during operation of Coinlook or Coinlookand Coinlook, the client-server interaction data is copied, altered, modified, hooked up or created in any derivative work.including, but not limited to, access to Bixiao using plug-ins, peripherals or unauthorized third-party tools/servicesBao and related systems.
b) The user shall not install Coinlook without the company's permissionon other terminal equipment that is not expressly licensed by the company.including, but not limited to, set-top boxes,Holding devices, telephones, wireless Internet access machines, game consoles, TV sets, DVD players, etc.
c) Reservation right: All other rights not expressly authorized shall remain in the company's possessionUsers are required to obtain additional written consent from the company when using other rights.

5. Agreement Integrity

When you use different products and/or services provided by Coinlook,The company may be developing according to the characteristics of different products and services Coinlook.A corresponding rule or notice or guideline that you should comply with when using the product or service, that rule or notice or guide a part of a cost agreement; public.The company attaches great importance to your privacy protection and has developed a special privacy policy which is an integral part of the cost agreement.

6. Dispute Resolution

6-1) This Agreement shall apply to the laws of the People's Republic of China.
6-2) You agree that you will contact the company promptly if there is any dispute arising out of this Agreement.Customer Service shall be agreed with the Company as soon as possible, if the two parties cannot agree within thirty days.You agree to file a suit with the people's court which has jurisdiction in the place of the company.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the matter in connection with this Agreement, please contact us.Company.
Contact Mailbox: [email protected];